Best Personal Finance Application –, personal finance

If you are someone that budgets and enjoys seeing where their money is being spent, then and their application is for you. It is a great organizational app that allows you to stay on top of your budget with everyday spending in addition to being able to view multiple accounts and investments on one … Read more

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Android – Part 2

If you have not yet checked out Beginner Tips and Tricks for Android – Part 1 we suggest you read it prior to reading this article. Let us continue on setting up your Android devices by learning more about the different keys and buttons there are. Sleep Mode Android devices all have a on/off button … Read more

LG G3 One-Handed Operation Mode

The new LG G3 flagship android smart phone has brought many new features to the smart phone market. Not only does this android phone have amazing specs but with it brought a lot of new features that are new to the Android experience. One of the most noticeable specs of the phone is the large … Read more

Top Free Virtual Desktop Programs for Windows

It is not anything out of the ordinary if a Windows computer is starting to slow down or lag a bit when there are many applications open on it. One of the best and most efficient ways to help Windows perform better and get it better organized is using a virtual desktop program. A virtual … Read more

How to Translate Text Using an Android Camera

It can be frustrating when attempting to manually translate text from a picture taken with your Android phone. Having to decipher the words and manually type out small words from your smart phone screen can be very difficult in addition to time-consuming. There is a very easy way though to translate the words with your … Read more

OS X – Open a New Window for Folders Instead of a Tab

With the arrival of Mac OS X Mavericks, we were lucky enough to have a plethora of new features, some amazing and others not so great. But one of the best new features that it offered was tabbed window support, which made it so when you opened a new Finder it would launch as a … Read more

5 Awesome iPhone Music Apps That Are Not Well Known

With so many different music apps currently available on the App Store it can be really confusing trying to understand the difference between all of them in addition to choosing which one best fits your preferences. Amazingly enough though most of the music applications in the App Store do different things from creating music, different … Read more

Cool Hidden Mac OS Tricks for the Everyday User

If you are a Mac lover and a diehard fan then it is time to dig in and learn some cool features and tricks about the operating systems. There are so many hidden tricks to learn about they you probably have no clue about. Some tricks help you customize your Mac experience visually and other … Read more

How to Refresh a Finder Window in Mac OS X

mac finder, mac os finder

With the Mac OS X updates, there were quite a bit of changes that left Mac users confused and a bit frustrated with design implementations. One of the biggest changes that did not go so well with Mac users was the lack of a refresh button to refresh a directory or window when something has … Read more

Fun & Useful Windows 8 Applications

With Widows switching over to application base from program based there has been a plethora of solid applications that have been released since Windows 8 has been launched. We are beginning to see more applications that rival with Mac OS X applications and look forward to see what the future holds for Windows 8 and … Read more

Mac OS X – Tips To Unclutter Your Desktop

Almost everyone could agree that it is very easy to collect clutter on the desktop, even when we do our best to maintain it all. Kind of amazing how quickly our virtual workplaces can become cluttered with applications, files, folders, programs and other stuff that just seems to be in the way. But you are … Read more

13 Essential Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Windows 8 users would agree that there is quite the learning curve when switching from Windows 7 or even Mac OS. Although most of it just has to do with the user-interface; it may take sometime to become comfortable enough with the operating system. Until you get comfortable you may want to utilize some … Read more

5 Tips to Help You Without a Windows 8 Start Button

When you first start checking out your new Windows 8 machine you will quickly realize that the desktop is virtually identical to Windows 7, but without one little small detail…no Start Menu button! Although you may think that you now have no clue how to use your computer, it is actually pretty easy to learn … Read more

Free Windows Media Center Alternatives for Windows 8

With the launch of Windows 8 we unfortunately no longer have the amazing Windows Media Center many of use grew to enjoy and utilize on a daily basis. The only way to get Windows Media Center is if you pay and upgrade to Windows 8 Pro or purchase it outright. Many of us have no … Read more

5 Improvements in Windows 8 over Windows 7

Although a majority of Windows 8 users focus on the point that they do not enjoy the new interface and Metro-style application menu; there are actually a handful of amazing improvements that Windows 8 brought to the desktop environment. Even if you are not a fan of Windows 8 you owe it to yourself to … Read more

6 Start Menu Button Alternatives for Windows 8

When changing from Windows 7 to Windows 8 there is one very important button missing that almost all user’s want back and that is the Start Menu button. Many of us aren’t sure really how to use Window’s 8 because of the lack of a Start Menu button and choose to return the computer because … Read more

Best Virus Scanners For Windows 8 – Alternatives to Windows Defender

Microsoft first unveiled their own antivirus application included in Windows in 2012 called Windows Defender. Even though it was pre-installed with windows, it could still be disabled by PC manufacturers.  Windows Defender, although effective, is not as complete and mature as some third-party antivirus software and we will talk about these in this article. To … Read more

Error: unknown file system; grub rescue while starting Windows 8

What is the cause of this error? The reason for this error is due to the abnormal deletion of a partition where a second/dual OS is installed. For example, this could be a system where you were dual-booting between Windows 8 and Linux, but you deleted the Linux partition. When setting up such a system, … Read more

6 Keyboard Tricks For Macs That Will Increase Productivity

mac keyboard tips

Most people spend some part of their day with their fingers hovering over a keyboard. So when there are little shortcuts that can increase productivity and make things a bit easier; it is a great opportunity to learn them. Macs are famous for their keyboard shortcuts that not only make a difference in your productivity … Read more

How to Re-arrange, Change and Move Tiles in Windows 8

Many of us of have been forced to use Windows 8 because we either bought a new computer, or updated our Windows computer to the new Windows 8 Operating System. There are a lot of new changes and operations that a Windows 8 user has to learn to use and the most prominent one is … Read more

Top 5 Common iPhone 5C/5S Problems and Solutions

While its usually necessary to take your iPhone hardware problems to Apple Store, it also should be noted that some of the issues encountered with the iPhone 5 are easy to fix without taking it to anyone. Here are the Top 5 problems encountered with iPhone 5, as well as the solutions to help users … Read more

ERROR 1935 Solution: Installing Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows 8 Pro

This article will discuss solutions to: Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {10CD20D2-33E-4174-9D02-3C6C26163DA6}. HRESULT: 0x80070BC9 The likely cause of this Office 2010 error is a .NET Framework incompatibility. To fix Office 1935 error you need to install .NET framework in your system or repair .NET installation of your PC. Possible … Read more

Useful tips for PHP developers using MySQL

MySQL is a very common database used while developing web application. When developers are using PHP as their main programming language, they prefer MySQL as database. We are going to discuss some of uncommon but useful queries and precautions every developer should follow and will be taken care of.     1. Why not to use … Read more

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Solving Long Tail Pro and Adwords Login Problem

Most bloggers have recently faced an issue with Adwords Login while searching for the keywords specifically by using Long Tail Pro, which is considered as the best search tool for keywords. There are many users in multiple forums that have been making a fuss about Long Tail Pro. They have claimed that it is not … Read more