5 Awesome iPhone Music Apps That Are Not Well Known

With so many different music apps currently available on the App Store it can be really confusing trying to understand the difference between all of them in addition to choosing which one best fits your preferences. Amazingly enough though most of the music applications in the App Store do different things from creating music, different ways to sharing music and of course enjoying music. To clear up the difference of some of the more popular applications we have put together a list of the 5 top music applications you probably do not know about.


If you are a big fan of playing instruments through your phone then Fiddlewax is a great option for you to download. What makes it unique though is to play the music you choose notes and chords rather than having an instrument visual. You can of course have the instruments showing but this application was created for the musician in mind.


We all know that those cheap white plastic Apple EarPods that came with your phone is quite inferior (et alone never fits in the ear). CanOpener is a great application that enhances the sound quality, regardless of what kind of ear buds you are using. When you begin to enhance the sounds being produced from your phone with CanOpener you will instantly be amazed at how clear it is and how amazing the improvement is.


When you first take a look at Mindie you may be a bit confused at exactly what it does but once you begin to play with it you find out how amazing this application is. Mindie allows you to share music through a personal video you get to create. There are thousands of songs to choose from and is a great way to share new songs with friends while having a fun twist through making custom videos.

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If you want to have your inner DJ come alive through your iPad, then you must take a look at Pacemaker. It is a DJ app that integrates with Spotify, which allows you to utilize the millions of songs and thousands of artists on the platform. There are great advanced tools as well for professional DJ’s to use to have more of a customizable experience with the application.


Smartphones are amazing tools for songwriters, so when you have an application that works well for recording audio and relaying notes for later, it is even better. Hum allows songwriters to combine voice-recording and note-taking all at the same time. It even gives musicians the functionality to tag notes with a key, capo, tuning, mood and even tempo.

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