Taking a Selfie Photo on the Google Pixel 7 Using Voice Commands

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Taking a photo, specifically a selfie, has become an integral part of our daily lives. With the ever-advancing technology, even something as simple as taking a selfie has been revolutionized. If you’re a Google Pixel 7 user, you’re in for a treat, as Google has introduced a feature that enables you to capture a selfie … Read more

Pixel 7 vs Pixel 7 Pro – Comparison

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Google has recently announced the release of its latest smartphones, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Both phones come with a host of features and improvements over their predecessors, but how do they stack up against each other? In this article, we’ll compare the Pixel 7 with the Pixel 7 Pro and see what … Read more

How to Buy a Smartphone that Fits Your Budget

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Can’t afford to buy the latest iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy? No worries, you can still buy a smartphone that fits your budget. If you are looking for a smartphone to make phone calls, play games, watch movies, and browse the net, there are phones that cost as little as $50 that can accomplish all … Read more

Five Great Things About Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an impressive device and it is clearly one of the greatest Android phablets ever released. It comes with a gorgeous camera, fast charging capability, powerful camera and other features. In fact, it could still be one of the best options in early 2016. Here are five wonderful things about Samsung’s … Read more

Five Ways Nexus 5X Could Disappoint You

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Among many Android devices, Nexus series is often considered as a representative of good Android implementations. Google has announced a Nexus smartphone: The 5X. Although it is a good phone, it may not be an appropriate alternative if you have specific requirements. Here are things about Google Nexus 5X that could disappoint you: 1. It … Read more

6 New Impressive Features of Snapdragon 820 Smartphones

Many people will buy brand new smartphones this year and they will surely get devices that are better than what they bought last year. Smartphone components will offer a bunch of new features this year and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 will probably be the most significant processor of the year. 1. Object recognition: The Snapdragon … Read more

Root Your Samsung Galaxy S6 in 5 Easy Steps

People always ask me why they should root their phone. I ask them why not? You can get more out of your device by rooting it. Break free and turn into a hotrod by customize just about anything you want. You could partition the drive and add another operating system, get the latest version of … Read more

5 Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S6

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Samsung Galaxy S6 has undoubtedly set a bench-mark of the available smart phones in the market. With its slim body and wide range of mind boggling features, it is termed by Android users to be the best smart phone developed by Samsung up to date. However, a few problems are plaguing the first sold S6 … Read more

Basic Troubleshooting Steps for your Cell Phone

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How to Troubleshoot your Cell Phone Technology should be seamless, but you will find that your cell phone doesn’t always perform as flawlessly as you want. A list of solutions for ordinary problems with these devices can be found in the tips and tricks listed below. However, if you still can’t find the answer, you … Read more

Top Password Manager Apps for Android

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With recent news about hackers obtaining usernames, passwords, images, files and so much more of our personal lives it is very important to have a secure and reliable password managing application for your entire android app needs. Password managing apps are also great for those of us who frequently forget usernames, emails and passwords used … Read more

Free Remote Desktop Client for Android

The RD Client App on Android allows you to simply transfer your desktop from the computer over to your mobile screen. Every single application that is open on your computer remains on the computer as well, so you can easily make changes on your computer with the help of an Android device. However, there are … Read more

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Android – Part 2

If you have not yet checked out Beginner Tips and Tricks for Android – Part 1 we suggest you read it prior to reading this article. Let us continue on setting up your Android devices by learning more about the different keys and buttons there are. Sleep Mode Android devices all have a on/off button … Read more

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Android – Part 1

Whether you are a first-time smartphone user, upgrading from an older device, or switching to Android from an iPhone; you will most likely experience a learning curve with your new device. Currently, over 50% of all smartphones around the world are Android devices, knowing that you would probably assume there are some pretty awesome features … Read more

LG G3 One-Handed Operation Mode

The new LG G3 flagship android smart phone has brought many new features to the smart phone market. Not only does this android phone have amazing specs but with it brought a lot of new features that are new to the Android experience. One of the most noticeable specs of the phone is the large … Read more

How to Translate Text Using an Android Camera

It can be frustrating when attempting to manually translate text from a picture taken with your Android phone. Having to decipher the words and manually type out small words from your smart phone screen can be very difficult in addition to time-consuming. There is a very easy way though to translate the words with your … Read more

Taking a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S5: Step-by-Step

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with many impressive features, but one of the most basic yet vital functionalities is the ability to capture what’s on your screen. Taking a screenshot can help you share information, save data quickly, or troubleshoot issues. This blog post will guide you on how to take a screenshot on … Read more

5 Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Security and Privacy Problem The Samsung Galaxy S5 is arguably, the most sought after and feature-rich phone of the year. Customer expectations are at the highest level for this flagship phone. However, this phone came up short in a few areas that we will discuss here. The Galaxy S5 comes with a fingerprint sensor, similar … Read more

Introduction to the Android Kernel

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Android Firmware, ROM and Kernel In 2014, the increasingly booming smartphone users, ranging from children to adults almost all of them have such smart devices. Generally, the prices of cheap smartphones increasingly become a factor of proliferation for smartphone users. Because Android is an open source smartphone OS that is freely modified according to the … Read more

How to enable Swype on G2x and other Android phones

This article will show you step by step how to enable Swype on your G2x or other supported Android phones. For those that are not familiar, Swype is a text input method whereby the you continuously drag your finger across the keyboard to generate words. It is a simple option to enable/disable, so give it … Read more