Basic Troubleshooting Steps for your Cell Phone

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How to Troubleshoot your Cell Phone

Technology should be seamless, but you will find that your cell phone doesn’t always perform as flawlessly as you want. A list of solutions for ordinary problems with these devices can be found in the tips and tricks listed below. However, if you still can’t find the answer, you might want to contact your authorized cell phone provider. Whatever you do, don’t take apart the phone yourself. Trying to fix your phone by taking it apart will void the warranty.

  • If your phone does turn on, your battery might be out of charge. This is a fairly elementary fix. Charge your battery like you usually do, but make sure it is fully plugged in the phone or the computer or wall charger. You should also remove the battery from the phone and use a rag to brush away dirt. Although cell phones are supposedly sealed, dirt and debris can clog up the connections. Reconnect, make sure the battery is correctly re-installed and try again.
  • If your battery is not charging, you might try plugging another electrical device into the outlet to verify this outlet works. Replace your charger or battery if necessary.
  • If your phone gets wet, remove the battery from the phone and allow both the phone and the battery to thoroughly dry. If you find rust or corrosion on the battery, wipe it off with a stiff brush. Try out the phone and if it still does not work, you might need to replace your battery.
  • If your display is not working, it may be due to extreme temperatures. Let your phone come to room temperature. Your display should come back up.
  • If the keys on your cell phone don’t work, look for a symbol on your display screen that looks like a lock. You may have inadvertently locked your keypad. The display should tell you how to unlock your phone. If you do not have these instructions, check out the owner’s manual or the phone’s website.
  • If you have problems while talking, you might check to make sure the battery is not low. Move toward a window if you are inside or go outside to get better reception. Basements, elevators, and basements interfere with cell phone reception. Storms can also be the cause of interference. If you get continually static, you may need to change phones.
  • Check your volume if you cannot hear the other person. It is easy to forget that there is a volume control on your phone. Having your volume control turned down low is a very common mistake.
  • It is so annoying to not receive calls when you know they are coming in. Confirm that your call forwarding or automatic voice control is not activated. Check the ringer volume and confirm that your rings are not in the silent mode.
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If your cell phone is not working due to problems with your service provider, call their customer service and register a complaint. You can also work with a representative to solve any problems you are experiencing. If all else fails contact FCC, Consumer Information Bureau Customer Services Network Division, 445 12th Street SW Washington, DC 20554 to get your complaints aired.

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