Root Your Samsung Galaxy S6 in 5 Easy Steps

People always ask me why they should root their phone. I ask them why not? You can get more out of your device by rooting it. Break free and turn into a hotrod by customize just about anything you want. You could partition the drive and add another operating system, get the latest version of android sooner, block ads or overclock the cpu just for starters.

Basically rooting means that you have administrative permissions and can unlock the full power of admin permissions. On UNIX style operating systems such as Android you will be granted “Super User permissions.” Beware that if you don’t do a little research or understand what you are doing you may brick your phone. You also run the risk of voiding your warranty so make sure you have done your homework before trying this, especially if this is your primary phone. In light of that, it’s really not too complicated, all you need to do is a some research online.

This method only works with T-Mobile or International versions of the device. You will need a computer running Windows. It’s a good idea to back everything up on your phone that you don’t want to lose. You may lose the use of KNOX and Samsung Pay after rooting. This method will not trip your KNOX though. This is good news if you want to keep your warranty.

How to root the Galaxy S6

All right let’s get on with it. Now that you’ve done your research, weighed the benefits and disadvantages… you’ve said yes to life and decided to do it! You are ready to root. Here is what you do. The other methods involve using Windows and file transfer through the ADB. Today we are going to show you how to do this with PingPongRoot. Developers created this tool to make rooting so easy your cat could probably do it, on accident. Below are the steps.

  1. Download PingPongRoot
  2. Install the file on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Open it when it’s finished.
  3. Press the “Download Data” button on your screen.
  4. Click the “Open Button”
  5. Choose “Get root!”
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Once this is done all you do is reboot your phone and you’re done. Congratulations!

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