[ANSWERED] Is the Galaxy S20 Waterproof?

galaxy S20 waterproof

The Samsung Galaxy S20, renowned for its stellar camera, impressive battery life, and sleek design, has sparked conversations among tech enthusiasts and potential buyers alike. A pivotal question that often surfaces is: “Is the Galaxy S20 waterproof?” This article aims to dissect this question, exploring the device’s official water resistance rating and what it implies … Read more

What SD Card for Galaxy S5? [SOLVED]

what sd card for galaxy s5

Navigating through the myriad of options when selecting an SD card for Galaxy S5 can be a daunting task, especially given the pivotal role that such a small component plays in enhancing and optimizing device usage. The right SD card does not only expand the storage capacity but also ensures that the device performs at … Read more

Five Great Things About Samsung Galaxy Note 5

galaxy note 5, samsung galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an impressive device and it is clearly one of the greatest Android phablets ever released. It comes with a gorgeous camera, fast charging capability, powerful camera and other features. In fact, it could still be one of the best options in early 2016. Here are five wonderful things about Samsung’s … Read more

Root Your Samsung Galaxy S6 in 5 Easy Steps

People always ask me why they should root their phone. I ask them why not? You can get more out of your device by rooting it. Break free and turn into a hotrod by customize just about anything you want. You could partition the drive and add another operating system, get the latest version of … Read more

5 Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S6 has undoubtedly set a bench-mark of the available smart phones in the market. With its slim body and wide range of mind boggling features, it is termed by Android users to be the best smart phone developed by Samsung up to date. However, a few problems are plaguing the first sold S6 … Read more

Taking a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S5: Step-by-Step

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with many impressive features, but one of the most basic yet vital functionalities is the ability to capture what’s on your screen. Taking a screenshot can help you share information, save data quickly, or troubleshoot issues. This blog post will guide you on how to take a screenshot on … Read more

5 Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S5

samsung galaxy, s5, s6

Security and Privacy Problem The Samsung Galaxy S5 is arguably, the most sought after and feature-rich phone of the year. Customer expectations are at the highest level for this flagship phone. However, this phone came up short in a few areas that we will discuss here. The Galaxy S5 comes with a fingerprint sensor, similar … Read more