5 Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S6

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Samsung Galaxy S6 has undoubtedly set a bench-mark of the available smart phones in the market. With its slim body and wide range of mind boggling features, it is termed by Android users to be the best smart phone developed by Samsung up to date. However, a few problems are plaguing the first sold S6 smart phones. A few of these are listed below with their easy fixes and solutions.

Battery Performance

For the first time, a non-removable battery has been introduced by Samsung however; the 2250 mAh-rated battery is not the biggest battery available causing the phone to drain out in less than a day. Most users complained that their handsets lose 50% of their battery in just a few hours. However, there are easy remedies to this problem. Delete or shut off the unwanted apps from your mobile device, adjust your screen brightness and preferably use battery-saver setting. If the problem persists, you can factory-reset your phone after backing up your important data and documents.

Slow Screen Rotation

An occasional problem faced by users is during the autorotation of the mobile device between landscape and portrait. The screen gets stuck and the orientation refuses to switch to the other one. The problem is related with the accelerometer and gyro sensors- responsible for the orientation regulation. Turning your phone on/off and factory resetting may help you with this problem but it’s not guaranteed to do so. Many users have opted to wait and let Samsung figure out this hardware/software problem and release a fix.

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No SD Card Slot

Samsung Galaxy S6 predecessors had limited memory but were compensated by the option to insert a MicroSD card in them. Internal memory built into these smart phones is limited and are usually quite expensive to be upgraded, therefore users prefer these cheap SD cards. However, Samsung S6 didn’t follow up the tradition of its forerunners and only has internal storage. The only solution to this problem is you spending a few extra bucks to increase your memory storage of your mobile device.

Poor Wifi Performance

Many users face problems with their Wi-Fi connections; it may be slow, the connection drops randomly or maybe it simply won’t connect. A few of the potential fixes include turning the phone and the router off and on again, forgetting the network and connecting to it again, switching your channel incase it’s too crowded. Also check with your ISP that the router firmware is up-to-date.

Opening and Refreshing Apps

An annoying bug reported by the users of Galaxy S6 is the poor memory management of the smart phone. Apps close and refresh unexpectedly, despite the excess ram of the device. Deleting or closing unwanted apps or using anther launcher may help resolving this problem. However, this may be a bug in the Samsung Galaxy S6 software therefore it’s essential that you keep your mobile device updated with the latest software as Samsung may roll out a new update in this regard.

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