‘API rate limit exceeded’: What Is It and How to Avoid

api rate limit exceeded

An API serves as a communication channel between different software systems, enabling them to interact and share data. APIs are the backbone of modern applications, acting as connectors that stitch various components together, enhancing functionality and interoperability. APIs are crucial in today’s interconnected digital ecosystem, playing a key role in creating seamless user experiences. They … Read more

4 Awesome Facebook Tricks/Hacks

facebook tips

Sneakily Change Your Facebook Relationship Status You can change your Facebook relationship status without alerting all 500 of your friends. Here is the simplest way. First, go to the “About” section from your profile page, and click on “Family & Relationships” link. Then, click on “Edit” on the upper right corner, and change your privacy settings to “Only Me.” … Read more

How to “Unfollow” a friend/page on Facebook

We all have Facebook friends who post content every few hours. We like this person dearly, but wonder if they’re glued to their Facebook because this person constantly shows up in your newsfeed. They may be posting their political views or something far more annoying – those endless quizzes! Which animal spirit are you? Which … Read more