How to “Unfollow” a friend/page on Facebook

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We all have Facebook friends who post content every few hours. We like this person dearly, but wonder if they’re glued to their Facebook because this person constantly shows up in your newsfeed. They may be posting their political views or something far more annoying – those endless quizzes! Which animal spirit are you? Which country should you retire in? Which Friends character are you most similar to?  How about this one – Which Facebook friend posts the most useless stuff?!

Now there is a way to remain friends with them but not have to see all their updates. This way you may actually see the content you care about more. And your friend(s) will not be notified if you change this setting.

How to Unfollow a Friend – Option #1

  1. When a post from this person shows up on your newsfeed, click on the small grey arrow on the right upper part.
  2. Choose unfollow. A small box will show up, choose unfollow again.Facebook - How to Unfolow

How to Unfollow a Friend – Option #2

  1. Go to your friend’s page.
  2. On the lower part of the cover picture, you will see Friends, Following, and Message. Click on Following and it will turn into Follow. If you click it again, it will say Following.
Unfollow Friend Facebook
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