Setup a MariaDB Galera Cluster on Ubuntu: Step-by-step Guide

mariadb, mysql, clustering, cluster

In this tutorial, we will show you how to setup a MariaDB Clustering using Galera on Ubuntu. In addition to these easy install instructions, we’ll explain what is MariaDB clustering, how does cluster work, and how to enable clustering in MariaDB on Ubuntu. MariaDB is a popular open-source database management system that offers high performance, … Read more

MySQL 5.6 – How to log slow queries (Linux)

In MySQL 5.6, they introduced a different way for logging slow queries compared to previous versions. This article will show you how to quickly, and correctly enable the slow query log which is extremely useful for debugging application performance issues. Enable Slow Query Log in MySQL 5.6 Login to your MySQL host Open the my.cnf … Read more


sqlcode=-532, sqlstate=23504

This article will explain the cause and solution to DB2 SQL Error-532 or sqlcode=-532, sqlstate=23504, which is also similar to MySQL : ERROR 1216: Cannot add or update a child row and SQL Server error: foreign key constraint failed Foreign Key Constraint Error Possible Manifestation The DELETE statement cannot be executed. The contents of the … Read more

Create a compressed MySQL database dump/backup (Linux)

This may go without saying, but backing up your database regularly is important. Hard disks can fail at anytime causing you to lose all your data (We recommend using a RAID configuration when possible for data redundancy!) Often times, we may overlook the database and simply make backups of our /www or /public_html folder that … Read more