Top Password Manager Apps for Android

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With recent news about hackers obtaining usernames, passwords, images, files and so much more of our personal lives it is very important to have a secure and reliable password managing application for your entire android app needs. Password managing apps are also great for those of us who frequently forget usernames, emails and passwords used on numerous apps or for those of use that have that information scattered across sticky notes, computers, emails and note apps.

The amount of online accounts we have these days is truly amazing and the task of keeping all of these accounts secure and remembering it all can be a task in itself. There are several great apps that you can give a try that will keep your entire passwords safe, private and in one sport. Even more, these apps can assist you in creating strong passwords that are extremely difficult to crack, in the case someone is after your accounts.

These are some of the top password manager apps for Android that we have came across. Each one is for sure worth taking a look at and seeing if it fits your needs and style. Check out the list below and give us some feedback in the comments on which ones you use.

1Password – Recently, 1Password has gone through a huge redesign and has been thrown back into the big contenders looking to protect your passwords. The new app looks amazing and works even better. It gets you what you need and no extra fluff to work around. The app has a free version that gives you most of the features needed for protection but with a in-app purchase of $7.9 it unlocks premium features that allow you to edit and create passwords on a breeze but not essential to keep the app functional.

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LastPass – One of the longest lasting and pioneer apps in password protection is LastPass. It offers everything that you would want plus some other features you may not have thought you needed. It offers great cross-device syncing that automatically updates while you use it, secure storage of unlimited passwords and a wonderful password generator. One of the unique features of the application is that it offers auto-fill support within its built-in browser. So not only will your information be safe but also you won’t need to remember it at all.

Enpass – This jewel of an application offers all the standard features that the other apps offer with a simplistic interface that will get you to where you need to be. It does not try to distract you with offers or extra features that no one needs. You can easily sync your password database across several accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive.

Enjoy the ease of mind known that your passwords are secure and all in one central location with a Password Managing App for Android.

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