Splashtop – Remote Desktop on Your Android/iOS Device

With the growing popularity of tablet devices and smartphones; we are all beginning to rely more on them as our go to, everyday device. Although there just simply aren’t things we can do quite yet on tablets and smartphones compared to a laptop; there are more applications being released everyday that are beginning to truly make a tablet an all-in-one device, eventually saying good-bye to laptops. That might not be for a while but as time goes by more complex and robust applications will be released.

One app that has truly help create tablets into our main device is Splashtop. Splashtop is the top remote desktop application for both MAC’s and PC’s and works on all devices, no matter the operating system. It has several different products available to integrate with your tablet. Whether it is for personal use, business, enterprise or the classroom; Splashtop is the leading remote desktop currently available.

In fact some of the largest non-profits, schooling systems and corporations currently utilize the technology that Splashtop has to offer. You can literally mirror your desktop onto any device. Now you may be saying “This has been possible for years”. In reality it has but no other application has offered such great connection, up time and clarity as Splashtop has. In addition to that, it is available across all platforms so whatever type of tablet or smartphone you currently use, you can access your PC or MAC on it.

Another thing to mention about Splashtop is the affordability is offers. Most desktop mirroring applications and software’s run well into the thousands of dollars and are very limited in their usage. Splashtop has several different products and pricing stages that makes it affordability to any user in addition to enterprise and schools.

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Whether you need some quick access to your desktop at home or want to turn your tablet or smartphone into an all in one integrated piece of technology, then the Splashtop application is the right choice for you. It has a small learning curve but after learning everything about it you will quickly enjoy having access to your desktop remotely. When an application can say that it is being used by fortune 500 companies, large university systems and at home with everyday users then they must be doing something right. Check out Splashtop today and give it a try.

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  1. I just moved from IPhone to android retcnely. I have to say what I really like is voice type /text. My iphone 4 with similar processor does not support it. In fact I think it requires a dual core processor. I have a ZTE warp for Boost. Its been a very nice phone. I like the music player /system on IPhone better. But thats about all i miss. I moved to android because I wasn’t going to get another contract for an overpriced piece of hardware. Speaking of, how can 7 and 10 tablets cost less than a phone? Not getting it.

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