Top New Features in iOS 8

iOS 8 is one of the biggest overhaul versions of Apple’s mobile operating systems that has ever been released. With Tim Cook now CEO, we are finally seeing new features that we have been hoping for the whole time. There is so much to cover but we are only going to touch on the most popular new features with iOS 8 and why you should check them out if you have an Apple mobile device like an iPhone or iPad.

Family Sharing – One of the most anticipated features for families is the Family Sharing feature. You now will be able to share iTunes and App Store purchases with p to six people if the purchases were all made with the same credit card. A lot of parents of families will appreciate this, especially if they are Apply power users. Now we can say good-bye to surprise credit card charges from the app store!

Health Kit – As of now there are dozens of different health and fitness applications available to use for tracking but there is not one way to aggregate all the info in one central area, until now. Health Kit lets you combine a multitude of information across third-party apps. It all integrates into one dashboard and you will have the ability to share the information with your doctor’s. This can literally revolutionize the way healthcare systems communicate with their patience’s.

Third-party Keyboards – This feature was available since day one with Android devices and now iOS is finally getting it. Starting with Apple’s QuickType, it may look familiar to Swype. There is no doubt though that Swype will be the new king in third-party keyboards now that it is available for iOS devices.

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Spotlight – Spotlight is gaining a few new features and tricks. Not only will you be able to search for apps on your devices but it will also show relevant apps you may want to download. In addition it will search for geographic points of interest, news and restaurants. If you are a big iTunes user, you will be able to search your song library as well.

Siri – Finally we are seeing some much needed improvements to Siri. It is becoming much more car friendly and works better hands-free for those times you want to Shazam a song on the radio. Al you need to say is “Hey Siri” and she will be at your assistance.

These new features are only the tip of the iceberg. There are over 100 reports features with the roll out of iOS 8, so make sure to take your time to look around and find what is new.

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