Five Ways Nexus 5X Could Disappoint You

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Among many Android devices, Nexus series is often considered as a representative of good Android implementations. Google has announced a Nexus smartphone: The 5X. Although it is a good phone, it may not be an appropriate alternative if you have specific requirements. Here are things about Google Nexus 5X that could disappoint you:

1. It doesn’t have AMOLED screen: This is the time when people are expecting to get excellent 2K displays. However, screen quality is not only about resolution, but also panel technology. Google has downgraded the panel technology to LCD on Nexus 5X. AMOLED is still by far a better technology compared to the antiquated LCD. It is understandable that 5X doesn’t have 2K resolution, because we could hardly see the difference once the pixel density goes beyond 350ppi. However, using LCD would cause visible degradation in overall quality.

2. It only has 2GB of RAM: Many people would argue that 2GB or even 1GB of RAM is enough. However, it is apparent that for some enthusiasts, 2GB of RAM is far from enough. There are apps and games that process gigabytes of data. Once we open these apps, we will have a much reduced multitasking capability. The app could be closed automatically when we want to check social media for a while, causing us to lose our work or progress. Other models in the same price range already offer 4GB of RAM and they surely provide much more room for smooth multitasking.

3. It has protruding camera and no OIS feature: Nexus smartphones are known for their clean designs and on 5X, the design has been made rather ugly by the camera bump. The 12.3Mp rear-facing camera doesn’t even have OIS capability. In fact, OIS is something that people are looking forward on high-end Android smartphone models. Even the bigger sibling, Nexus 6P, doesn’t have the essential photography feature. It means that the Nexus 5X won’t guarantee a noiseless picture in low-light environments.

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4. It doesn’t support wireless charging: Many high-end Android models are already equipped with Qi Wireless charging feature. In fact, the previous Nexus 4, 5 and 6 already had wireless charging support and it is hard to digest why the new Nexus model doesn’t have it. Perhaps, Google is hesitant in continuing the wireless support, especially after Samsung Galaxy Note S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 offer faster wireless charging.

5. It doesn’t have microSD card: Apple is known for its policy to force us use only internal storage on its iOS devices. However, it is somewhat disappointing if an Android device doesn’t have the feature. Samsung Galaxy S6 also doesn’t have it and it has caused a rattle among buyers. 16GB of internal storage on Nexus 5X is not nearly enough for today’s way of using smartphones. People need gigabytes of storage to keep videos, apps, images and others.

It is not certain whether Google has really thought a lot about its new devices, because some of the high-end models look like mid-range ones. Some people could say that the Nexus 5X isn’t worthy of its $379 pricing, especially if they are using more than decent, affordable smartphones from Chinese manufacturers.

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