How to Translate Text Using an Android Camera


It can be frustrating when attempting to manually translate text from a picture taken with your Android phone. Having to decipher the words and manually type out small words from your smart phone screen can be very difficult in addition to time-consuming. There is a very easy way though to translate the words with your phone that is easy to use and can translate into a handful of different languages. Google Translate not only works for your desktop computer but it also works phenomenally on Android devices by simply using your smart phones camera.

Google Translate needs Android 2.3 Gingerbread or above in order to work properly, which most likely your current device is running. It is very simple to use and works quickly so you can have a word translated in no time. In order to use it the user needs to first choose the language that it will be detecting. Once you have selected that specific language that it will be detecting, simply click the camera icon in the bottom right of your screen. Place the camera right above the text you are translating and take a crisp and steady snapshot of the text. If the photo is too blurry it most likely will not be able to decipher and translate the text properly.

After the snapshot is taken, analyze the photo to make sure there was no extra debris or items in the way of the text. Then simply highlight the text with your finger that you want translated. Make sure to get only the exact phrase you want translate because Google Translate can be quickly confused with partial text or images/icons and may come out incorrect. Once your highlight is complete Google Translate will begin the process and deliver your translation momentarily.

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After the translation is deciphered make sure to re-analyze your selection to make sure that you completely chose the phrase that you wanted translated or that you did not highlight more than needed. One of the greatest parts of Google Translate is that it now translates in over 80 languages and also has speaking, type and writing capabilities as well to translate a language.

One of the last steps to do when using Google Translate is making sure you have it set-up to translated offline when traveling. You will quickly enjoy the great functionality of this application when traveling and will be your go-to app when on-the-go in a different country.

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