Beginner Tips and Tricks for Android – Part 2

If you have not yet checked out Beginner Tips and Tricks for Android – Part 1 we suggest you read it prior to reading this article. Let us continue on setting up your Android devices by learning more about the different keys and buttons there are.

Sleep Mode

Android devices all have a on/off button somewhere on the phone. Most likely it is either on the left or right side of the device but with growing trends many phone manufactures are beginning to design the phones with on/off buttons on the top or even the back of the device. In order to turn on or off the phone long press the button. To simply make the phone go to sleep just tap the button once and to wake it back up give the button another tap.

Navigating Basics

At any time or any where on your phone you can quickly jump back to the home screen by clicking the home icon or button on your phone. More than likely it will have a icon that is in the shape of a house. If you want to go back to the previous screen you were just on click the back or ↰ icon. This will quickly take you to your previous screen or take you to the home screen if you have just opened an application up.

Search your Phone

Some phone also have a search button; typically in the shape of a magnified glass. If you tap this button you can search for apps, contacts, the Internet, photos, etc. If there is anything that you are attempting to access on your phone and cannot find it, you can find it through this search bar. If you phone does not have a search button, many times if you long-press the home button it will take you to the search bar.

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Multiple Home Screens

You may have noticed that there are several screens you can get to when you are on the home screen. Most phones will have 3-5 different home screens when you first activate the device. You can easily add different applications or widgets to these screens by long pressing anywhere on the screen. A pop up will appear asking you which widgets or applications you would like to add to your screens. After adding the widget or application icon to your scree you can rearrange the icons by long pressing the icon or widget and then dragging the icon to where you would like it located.

There are so many features that it will take you some time to learn it all because of how robust and customizable these devices are. Hopefully these basic tips and tricks helped you get to know your device a bit more.

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