Prevent Apps From Adding Home Screen Shortcuts (Google Play – Android)

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It can be a very exciting time when you purchase a new Android device. Most likely when you upgraded to your new smartphone you either has a non-smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry or an older outdated Android smartphone. It can be a bit overwhelming when first booting up your new updated device for the first time, even if you are coming from an Android device.  Most Androids have a skin overlay our theme from the maker of the phone to give it its own personal touch. So working your way around can be a hard task to begin with.

One thing that never changes though are settings within Google based applications, such as the Google Play store. Some settings should be tweaked with right off the bat so you have a better experience using your new phone and so it is more streamlined. There is one very annoying setting in the Google Play store that must be changed when you first receive your phone.

The setting is no longer giving permission to the app store to create a shortcut on your homepage every time you discover and download a new application. It can get very annoying having to move or delete the app from your home screen because most likely you will not want that application icon on your home screen, since it is pretty valuable real estate.

Luckily for you though it is a pretty easy tweak to change the setting and revoke the app store from placing shortcuts on your home screen. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your menu on your device and open up the Google Play Store app on your phone or tablet
  2. Do a left to right gesture swipe on the screen to open up the menu to access the settings on the app
  3. Find the “ettings” option and open it
  4. Under the “general” option you will see an option that says “add icon to homepage”
  5. Simply make sure that the textbox next to this option it unticked
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Now from this point forward you will never have to deal with another app icon being placed on your home screen after downloading. It will keep your home screen clutter free and save the space for valuable apps that you may use on a daily basis. One thing for sure is changing this setting will save you a lot of time and is a better option that having to go through and delete each app one by one.

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