6 Keyboard Tricks For Macs That Will Increase Productivity

mac keyboard tips

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Most people spend some part of their day with their fingers hovering over a keyboard. So when there are little shortcuts that can increase productivity and make things a bit easier; it is a great opportunity to learn them. Macs are famous for their keyboard shortcuts that not only make a difference in your productivity but once you finally are comfortable with the keyboard shortcuts it will come second nature.

You may be thinking you already are going to know the keyboard shortcuts such as Command + X to cut, Command + V to paste, etc. There are so many more time-saving shortcuts to be discovered so let us take a look.

Keyboard Tricks and Tips for Mac OSX

  1. If you need to quickly close a current tab you have open in your web browser all you have to do is click COMMAND + W. This way if you have a co-worker walk by while you are watching a youtube video, you can quickly close it without any trace of the video!
  2. To minimize and hide an application you have open click COMMAND + H. Many times we want to quickly change to the application to the one open below the one we have open. This is a great way to do that.
  3. Do you feel as if sometimes you have way too many windows open? Click COMMAND + OPTION + M. This will minimize all of your current windows to give yourself a “fresh start”.
  4. Sometimes we have way to much clutter on our desktop and want to push it all out of the way. Click COMMAND + F3, this will push everything to the side so you can see your desktop.
  5. This is one of our favorite quick commands and will increase productivity while web browsing. If you need to easily scroll through tabs just click COMMAND + (number).
  6. Many people have a hard time with the volume options since with a Mac it increases and decreases in increments. Click OPITION + SHIFT + F11 or F12 and you will change the volume in smaller increments.
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These 6 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts should make your life somewhat easier and allow you to quickly move through your day while using your computer.

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