5 Improvements in Windows 8 over Windows 7

Windows 8 Tiles

Although a majority of Windows 8 users focus on the point that they do not enjoy the new interface and Metro-style application menu; there are actually a handful of amazing improvements that Windows 8 brought to the desktop environment. Even if you are not a fan of Windows 8 you owe it to yourself to take a look at these amazing improvements that came along with Windows 8. They may help you think differently about the Windows 8 platform and will help you consider upgrading (or sticking) with it.

Why Choose Windows 8?

  1. File Copying – Copying files has improved extremely with Windows 8. The new file copying gives the user the ability to pause any copying operations, be able to see different copying within the same window and more details that are more advanced than Windows 7. It has a very easy-to-use interface but gives you access to more detailed information when needed.
  2. Boot Speed – This is both the computer booting and application boot speed. Windows 8 promised that boot time would improve by up to 50% with both the computer and application boot-ups. This is a huge plus because we all know how annoying booting up a Windows computer can be when we are in a hurry.
  3. Task Manager – The new Task Manager gives you many more additional options over the original Windows 7. You now will have easy access to be able to alternate the different software’s that open up at start up. Another great function available is having the ability to do a quick search online to better understand what a specific Windows process is for.
  4. Battery Life – Windows 8 Desktop is optimized to squeeze as much battery life as possible for your device. This has improved greatly compared to Windows 7 or Vista and user’s can now enjoy browsing many more hours compared to always having to plug in the device (which can be a big hassle).
  5. Security – One of the biggest updates to Windows 8 is the security portion. Microsoft paid a lot of attention to security and included a antivirus software in Windows 8. Windows Defender is great to utilize for anyone that doesn’t fully understand antivirus software’s and has optimal protection for your computer.  In addition there is also Secure Boot, which protects your computer from software’s that hijack the start up process.
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Windows 8 has dramatically improved the desktop in more ways than just 5 but these are frankly the most important improvements that will effect all users. Although you may not think you like the new interface, the new improvements out weigh the interface plus you will most likely begin to get use to the Windows 8 environment and will feel normal after a couple weeks of use.

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