13 Essential Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Windows 8 users would agree that there is quite the learning curve when switching from Windows 7 or even Mac OS. Although most of it just has to do with the user-interface; it may take sometime to become comfortable enough with the operating system. Until you get comfortable you may want to utilize some of the great Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that have been created so you can quickly move between different functions; this will help you work faster and more efficient.

Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Windows Key + X – Pop-up with a menu of the control panel, task manager, file explorer and command prompt; called the advanced system settings.
  2. Windows Key + Q – Brings up the application search tool which gives you the ability to search through all of your installed software.
  3. Windows Key + C – This function will display the popular charms menu that has been added to Windows 8.
  4. Windows Key + I – Allow you access to the settings menu from an open app. For instances if you have Google Chrome open and click Windows Key + I it will open the Internet options settings.
  5. Windows Key + D – A very popular shortcut key function that will activate the desktop mode (the familiar desktop similar to Windows 7).
  6. Windows Key + M – Give you the ability to open the desktop mode and minimize any current open windows that are active.
  7. Windows Key + Tab – Pops up with the task switcher and changes between the Windows 8 specific applications.
  8. Windows Key + W – Activates the universal search utility and sets it to search settings so the user can easily find Windows 8 specific settings.
  9. Windows Key + F – Activates the universal search utility and sets it to search the files so the user can easily find saves documents, images, audio, etc.
  10. Windows Key + E – Pops up the file explorer to the “my computer” function which allows the user to view all of the drives.
  11. Windows Key + R – This key combination will open the run menu which allows the user to launch software by typing in the file name.
  12. Windows Key + Number Key 1-9 – The user will be able to quickly switch between the desktop mode and make the number application located on the task bar active.
  13. Windows Key + H – Pops up the share menu of the currently open application. If you had Google maps open it would allow you to share it via email or social networks.
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With the ability to quickly toggle throughout your new Windows 8 experiences; you will be able to receive a better understanding of the new OS and its functions.

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