Top Free Virtual Desktop Programs for Windows


It is not anything out of the ordinary if a Windows computer is starting to slow down or lag a bit when there are many applications open on it. One of the best and most efficient ways to help Windows perform better and get it better organized is using a virtual desktop program. A virtual desktop can improve the way your computer runs by opening different applications in separate virtual desktops. This can cut down on clutter, improve the speed of your computer and put less wear and tear on the machine.

There are many paid virtual desktop programs available for Windows that typically have a monthly fee to use. But in reality there are dozens of free virtual desktops for Windows that work just as well and offer many of the same features a paid virtual desktop offers. Here is a collected list of some of the top and highest rated virtual desktops for Windows.


Anyone could arguably say that Screen-It is one of the simplest virtual desktop programs for 32-bit Windows systems.  It allows the user to have two unique virtual desktop screens in order to group open programs. One of the best features that Screen-It offers is having the ability to automatically open a program in a new virtual desktop.


Simple, lightweight and robust would explain mDesktop in a nutshell. It allows you to have up to 10 virtual desktops to organize as many open application programs as the user wants. A great feature of mDesktop is the hotkey navigation the user can set-up between the desktops to be able to move windows easily and specify unique applications to different folders among the open desktops. In order to launch an application in a new virtual desktop all the user must do is right-click the system tray and choose the option for a new desktop.

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Dextop is one of the top rated and most used virtual desktops for Windows. It allows up to a whopping 20 virtual desktops and allows the user to set the rules that figure out which desktop programs end up where when launched. Dextop is customizable with different wallpapers, separate hotkeys for navigation and unique screen resolutions for each desktop.

As you can see there are many options to choose from for free virtual desktops for Windows. No need to purchase one permanently or pay a monthly fee to access a virtual desktop.

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