How to download torrent (BitTorrent) files using uTorrent

This article will introduce you to uTorrent, which is a freeware torrent client.  uTorrent is an extremely lightweight application ( less tan 300 kb) that is free of any adware and spyware.

Setting Up uTorrent

1. Download & Install uTorrent

2. Start the uTorrent application

3. You must ensure that the port uTorrent runs on (such as 64596) is not blocked by any Firewall application. If you use Windows Firewall or another program, you must allow access to this port. To test if the port on your computer needs to be opened, go to Options->Speed Guide

4. Click on the Test if port is forwarded properly button

5.  Your web browser will open and you will either see a green “OK” or a red “ERROR”. If you get an ERROR, you must check your firewall to ensure this port is not blocked. In addition, if you access the internet through a router, you will need to use the “Port forwarding” feature to forward all uTorrent traffic to your computer. Please check your router manual for instructions on how to do this.

6. Thats it! When you click on .torrent files now, it will automatically open in uTorrent and begin downloading

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