6 Start Menu Button Alternatives for Windows 8

Windows 8 Start Button

When changing from Windows 7 to Windows 8 there is one very important button missing that almost all user’s want back and that is the Start Menu button. Many of us aren’t sure really how to use Window’s 8 because of the lack of a Start Menu button and choose to return the computer because of that exact reason. Well we have good news for you there are actually 6 different Start Menu replacements that you can utilize for you Window’s 8 device.

Many of the tools will give you the ability to go straight to you desktop and hide the charms and apps, so you no longer again have to deal with the Metro-style Window’s 8.

Windows 8 Third-party Start Buttons

  1. Classic Shell – 100% free and open-source Start Menu button that allows you to change it to different skins, which include those of Window’s 7 and even Window’s Vista. Yes even if you miss Window’s XP or 2000 it has those skins as well.
  2. Start 8 – One of the most popular Start Menu’s for Window’s 8 is Start 8. Although it is not free it works extremely well and has a great company that backs the product. Try it out for free with heir 30-day free trail and if you enjoy it, it only costs $5.
  3. IOBit StartMenu8 – You most likely are familiar with the popular IOBit virus cleaner. They decided to release their version of the start Menu for Window’s 8, which works really well and it a complete copy of the Window’s 7 experience. One thing to note is many users complain about ad pop-ups every-so-often but it is free!
  4. Do-it-Yourself Start Menu – You may not know it but you can actually create your own Start Button with little effort. All you must do is utilize the toolbars setting, which allows you to display folders. Within a folder save all of the shortcuts to settings, software and other folders for easy access.
  5. Pokki – A very dynamic and robust start menu, which is more designed for individuals that enjoy different apps. It isn’t trying to copy the original Start Menu per se but has some similarities to it. It allows you to download different Pokki Apps such as Gmail, Calendar and easily access favorite folders or software.
  6. ViStart – ViStart was one of the pioneer Start Menus for Window’s 8 and received millions of downloads. Unfortunately they have attempted to monetize their users through ads and other junkware no body wants. It still is very popular and works great but if you are not a fan of junkware you may want to pass.
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There are several other third-party Start Menu addons that can be utilized. The above are only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the potential of Start Menus for Windows 8.

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