5 Ways to Increase Apache Kafka Retention Period for Data Storage

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We will explore the different techniques that can be used to increase Apache Kafka retention period to store more data and answer questions like how long does Kafka keep data, what is the maximum retention size, and how to change the retention maximum time and size Apache Kafka is a distributed messaging system that allows … Read more

Google Chrome – Block Unwanted Pop-up Ads (Solved!)

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Browser pop-ups can often be the unwanted guests at the feast of your online browsing experience. Unsurprisingly, many find them annoying – like an unwelcome interruption while you’re engrossed in a riveting article or an engaging video. The biggest culprit behind their nuisance value is their disruptive nature. Pop-ups often appear without warning, obscuring the … Read more

OpenStack vs VMware: A Comprehensive Comparison

openstack vs vmware

When it comes to choosing a cloud infrastructure platform, two names often rise to the surface: OpenStack and VMware. Both are leading solutions that offer a variety of features for virtualization and managing cloud environments. However, the question remains: which one is right for you? In this in-depth review, we’ll compare OpenStack vs VMware across … Read more

How Does OpenStack work? (Part II)

If you are a business owner or the person in charge of making the IT decisions for your company, cloud computing can make your head spin. There are many different moving parts to this process, but remember the two basic premises of why OpenStack works for your business; ease and maintenance. Simple to implement and … Read more

What is OpenStack? (Part 1)

Cloud management technology looks vastly different than it did back in 2010, when Rackspace headed up development of an open source management system called OpenStack. It’s wildly transformed how hosting companies operate and because of the diverse nature of cloud computing, has grown into a primary player on the landscape of cloud powered hosting an … Read more

Best Virus Scanners For Windows 8 – Alternatives to Windows Defender

Microsoft first unveiled their own antivirus application included in Windows in 2012 called Windows Defender. Even though it was pre-installed with windows, it could still be disabled by PC manufacturers.  Windows Defender, although effective, is not as complete and mature as some third-party antivirus software and we will talk about these in this article. To … Read more

Solving Long Tail Pro and Adwords Login Problem

Most bloggers have recently faced an issue with Adwords Login while searching for the keywords specifically by using Long Tail Pro, which is considered as the best search tool for keywords. There are many users in multiple forums that have been making a fuss about Long Tail Pro. They have claimed that it is not … Read more

Download & Read Kindle books for free on your PC – Part 1/2

Everyone by now knows about Amazon’s uber-popular Book reader, Kindle. This featherweight 10 ounce device allows you to wirelessly purchase books online without requiring an internet connection. Until now, books purchased for the Kindle could only be used on the device. However, Amazon.com just released a PC version of the Kindle book reader – and … Read more

Free Photoshop Alternative for Windows – Paint.NET

Adobe Photoshop, a household name in the realm of image editing, has been setting the standard for photo manipulation and digital artistry since its inception. Its unrivaled suite of features, coupled with a robust and flexible workspace, has made it a go-to choice for professionals across the graphic design, photography, and digital marketing industries. Photoshop’s … Read more

What is the login name and password in VMware Server 2.0?

vmware login

As virtualization technology becomes increasingly popular, tools like VMware Server have found their way into the heart of many IT infrastructures. VMware Server 2.0, a robust virtualization software, allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single host computer concurrently. However, before harnessing its powerful features, you need to know how to log in. … Read more