What is the login name and password in VMware Server 2.0?

This article will show you how to login to VMWare Server 2.0. If you have used an old version of VMWare Server, you know that a username and password were not required to use the program. However, VMware Server 2.0 introduced a web application to run and manage the VMs which run on a Apache Tomcat web browser. When you accesss the VMWare Server Home Page for on your machine, you are now greeted with a login screen asking for login name and password. In order to login, you must have a password-enabled account with administrator access on your computer. On a Windows machine, this can be done by creating a user account from Control Panel. If your computer is running on a corporate network, try logging into VMWare using the same credentials you use to login to your Windows workstation. But be sure to include your corporate domain name in the login name (ex: domain/username).

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