How to Record/Capture Your Screen on a Mac OS for Free

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In an era where digital content creation is at its peak, the ability to capture or record your screen on a Mac becomes essential. Whether it’s for crafting detailed tutorials, engaging presentations, or simply reporting a problem, the right screen recording tools can make a significant difference. This article dives into the various methods available … Read more

3 Ways To Receive Gmail Notifications On Your Mac OS X

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With there being so many new ways to communicate with each other, such as Twitter and Facebook, you may quickly forget how email is still the top dominant way to communicate online. Most of use primarily use Gmail for out free email hosting because of the friendly user interface in addition to how it has … Read more

How to Refresh a Finder Window in Mac OS X

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With the Mac OS X updates, there were quite a bit of changes that left Mac users confused and a bit frustrated with design implementations. One of the biggest changes that did not go so well with Mac users was the lack of a refresh button to refresh a directory or window when something has … Read more

Mac OS X – Tips To Unclutter Your Desktop

Almost everyone could agree that it is very easy to collect clutter on the desktop, even when we do our best to maintain it all. Kind of amazing how quickly our virtual workplaces can become cluttered with applications, files, folders, programs and other stuff that just seems to be in the way. But you are … Read more

6 Keyboard Tricks For Macs That Will Increase Productivity

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Most people spend some part of their day with their fingers hovering over a keyboard. So when there are little shortcuts that can increase productivity and make things a bit easier; it is a great opportunity to learn them. Macs are famous for their keyboard shortcuts that not only make a difference in your productivity … Read more