Top 5 Common iPhone 5C/5S Problems and Solutions

While its usually necessary to take your iPhone hardware problems to Apple Store, it also should be noted that some of the issues encountered with the iPhone 5 are easy to fix without taking it to anyone. Here are the Top 5 problems encountered with iPhone 5, as well as the solutions to help users who come across these issues.

Unable to connect to Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi connection problem is common to many iPhone 5 users. Many users have reported that it is hard for their iPhone 5 to connect to specific Wi-Fi networks. They found the signal strength is too weak for to make a connection, even if users stand next to the routers.

The Wi-Fi connection problem  can be solved  by restarting the phone. Simply hold down the Home button as well as the Lock button together for several seconds, you will find the Apple logo displayed on the screen before the iPhone restarts. After restarting, try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi. If the problem remains; go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Blue icon near the network you are trying to connect > Scroll down the bottom > Set the HTTP Proxy to Auto.

Unresponsive home buttons

The iPhone 5 home buttons wear out easily by long-term usage and this is a great concern to users. You can by pass this home button by going to; Setting > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and turn it on. A small circle will show up on the screen. After you click on it, these following options; Home, Favorites and More are accessible.

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Rapid Battery Drain

iPhone 5 batteries drains very fast and the unit also suffers overheating. Fully-charged iPhone 5 batteries lose 40% power within one hour. This problem can be solved by turning off the apps you don’t use. This can be found under Settings. This can be very helpful in preventing/slowing down issues such as overheating and rapid battery drain.

Purple glare on photos

Many users have reported a strange purple glare on photos. This problem is more common when there is a strong edge or out-of-scene light source. Shielding the lens with your hand should minimize or eliminate the effect.

Running out of space

A number of users have complained  that iPhone 5 storage can fill up a lot faster than expected and it’s not always clear what is taking up so much space. You can address this by deleting old messages and emails, any downloaded files, and your Safari cache. Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data and delete some of the entries.


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