6 Mistakes When Using Smartphones At Work

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Smartphones put powerful mobile computing capabilities at our fingertips. There are many apps that can expand the usability and versatility of a smartphone beyond manufacturer’s original design. Unfortunately, smartphones can really hurt our career if we don’t use them appropriately.

Trying to multitask during important meetings

Multitasking is encouraged in workplace to enhance productivity. However, bosses and speakers will expect our full attention during important meetings and briefings. Using smartphones during these activities could be seen as an inefficient use of our time. It is also quite rude to be busy with our smartphone when boss is saying something. Many employees need real understanding on when and how they should use smartphones at workplace.

Texting something inappropriate

We shouldn’t have a habit texting something inappropriate at work, even to our close friends and spouse. Eventually, we will accidentally send something embarrassing to our boss and co-workers. If we really want to do something like this, we should call the person directly while we are away from the office. Smartphones have small touch interface and it is very easy to hit our boss’ name by accident. There were cases when people get fired after they sent something inappropriate to others in the office, even if it is an accident.

Checking smartphones far too often

Smartphone can be very addictive. This is especially true if we love to update social media pages, text friends and browse the Web. In fact, hours can be spent unproductively for these activities, even if we do them intermittently. Eventually, this habit may put us in a rather precarious situation. Boss and co-workers will consider us an inefficient employee, who spends much our time with mobile devices.

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Replying to correspondences too soon

Replying emails promptly is essential, but we often receive non work-related messages while we are at work. If we are too preoccupied with emails, we could be considered as being curt and sloppy. People who are distracted easily could run the risk of being unproductive. We should balance hasty responses with sound thinking. After reading email messages, we should hold off on responding. While we are doing work-related tasks, we could think about proper responses and we should type full sentences only during lunch or breaks.

Not monitoring our productivity

People don’t always have steady level of productivity. Unfortunately, overuse of smartphone is often considered as the most significant factor in causing reduced productivity. It is unbelievable how much time we are wasting when we are engaging with our smartphones. Every time we check on our phone, 5 minutes won’t be enough. It could take 15 minutes to fully check emails, instant messenger apps and various social media networks. We should regularly check whether we are still productive enough. If not, we should put the phone in silent mode, put it in drawer and lock it. We could take our phone back during lunch break or when we go home.

Not keeping a good sleep pattern

Smartphones could really ruin our sleep pattern. At 10PM, while are on the bed; it seems like great time to check social media and watch a few YouTube videos. However, if we become too preoccupied with these activities we could still do them until past midnight. Employees who lose good night sleep due to technology could also lose a sizable amount of productivity. By not addressing this issue, our attempt to regain our normal sleep pattern will be futile. Solving this problem should be easy; we could leave the phone charged outside the bedroom when we go to bed.

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