Solved! MSI A6200 (CR620) Webcam Not Found in Windows 7

I purchased a MSI A6200 (CR620) Laptop several years ago at an unbeatable Black Friday deal at Office Depot. It ran well for quite some time until Windows became bloated and ran poorly. I decided to format the hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows 7 (32-bit). Everything went smoothly until I tried to use Skype and it says that the webcam was not found! So I headed over to the driver download page on MSI’s website, and there was NO webcam driver — in fact it specifically said that no extra driver was needed. I had trouble finding a solution until I asked a laptop technician for some help, and he suggested that after loading Windows, to hit the “Fn” and “F6” buttons simultaneously. I tried that, and voila, the webcam is now fully functional!

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9 thoughts on “Solved! MSI A6200 (CR620) Webcam Not Found in Windows 7”

  1. Thanks for give me a nice solution . I feel very happy to active my web cam. Its very easy but I didn’t know earlier. many many thanks for guide me.

  2. Holy crap! I can’t believe this was that simple to do, I did the exact same thing, and couldnt get it work since nov 2015, except I jumped around to Windows 8.1, to Windows 10, to Windows vista, to Linux mint, to ubuntu. and Finally just gave up and put windows 7 back on.
    I can’t believe this I’ve tried searching so many times only for a solution, and then this time this came up! Thank you so much!!!!!

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