How to Run a Linux Script on Startup: A Detailed Guide

linux, shell bash, ubuntu

Running a script or application at Linux startup can be a major time-saver for system administrators and users who need certain tasks to execute automatically upon booting up their systems. Whether you are looking to perform routine maintenance tasks, start applications, or automate complex processes, understanding how to run a script at startup in Linux … Read more

Guide to Mounting ISO Images in 3 Popular Linux Distributions

mount image in linux, virtual drive linux, cd image, dvd image

This article will explain how to mount an ISO image quickly and easily on Linux without downloading any additional software. If you are on a Windows operating system, check out the article: How to mount an ISO on Windows XP and Windows Vista. ISO image files are often used in the distribution of software or … Read more

Find large files on Linux: 5 Command-line Examples

find large files, linux, big files, largest files

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through five command-line examples that can help you pinpoint the largest files in your Linux system. When it comes to Linux system administration, monitoring disk usage is a critical task. But how do we find the largest files eating up valuable disk space? It’s easier than you might … Read more