Dell XPS 13 9343 Touchpad/Trackpad Lag Issue

XPS 13 Touchpad Problem

I was very excited to receive my shiny new Dell XPS 13 – 9343 recently. This system had it all – sleek new design, nearly bezel-free screen, paper thin and light. However, one of the biggest issues of this laptop that make it nearly unusable is the buggy touchpad! Moving your finger slightly does not register mouse movements (aka input lag) which makes it impossible to perform everyday tasks. (The problem can be best seen in this YouTube video). Lets say you are editing a Word document and want to move the cursor a letter or two to the side… well good luck with that! You have to make a major movement halfway across the screen and then come back to where you want it.

I haven been searching for a resolution to this issue for weeks and nothing has helped. I have the latest BIOS (A04) from Dell, all the Windows 8.1 updates, all Dell driver updates, fiddled with all the touchpad settings in Windows, tried a Synaptics driver hack, etc to no avail. I have spent hours on the phone and over email with the completely useless and incompetent Dell technical support that keep giving me the runaround. I am a Software Engineer and consider myself quite technical, but the Dell support engineers only know how to follow a script. I have scoured the Dell Community website and saw scores of other users complain about similar issues, but Dell is ignoring it.

The root of the issue seems to be with the Dell Hardware interfacing with the PTP (Precision Touchpoint) Driver provided by Microsoft in Windows 8.1. Dell and Microsoft can point their fingers back and forth, but ultimately Dell Quality Assurance should have caught the issue and product management should not have allowed a system to ship with a gaping flaw like this. Dell, if you are out there listening – PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP!!! <end gripe>

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7 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 9343 Touchpad/Trackpad Lag Issue”

  1. My new XPS 13 9343 just arrived and I’m having the same issue – I was wondering if you found a way to fix it in the meantime?

  2. Issue still not resolved in Windows 10. In BIOS or Ubuntu for example the touchpad works without any delays.

    Dell should have made sure Microsoft has a working driver BEFORE they started selling their pretty XPS 13 2015… Dell + fanboys are telling us it’s Microsoft’s fault for us not being able to work with Dell’s piece of hardware, it’s so extremely shameless I keep fuming every time I boot up Ubuntu…

  3. I have found a solution that has dramatically improved touchpad performance in Windows 10 (for Dell XPS 13 – 9343).

    It does not require any Synaptics drivers (trust me, I have manually updated the driver many times from 3rd party websites, the solutions didn’t work)

    This requires registry changes:

    1. Run – regedit

    2. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> PrecisionTouchPad

    3. Change the “CurtainDismissDistance” and “CurtainDismissTime” to 0 (this will eliminate any lag or delays)

    4. Change the “GestureScrollMaxDistance” to your liking (I set it as 40 (hexadecimal value)

    5. Restart

    It works in Windows 10. You may want to create system restore point before doing the above. Cheers

  4. Thank you for the recs, I’m trying to see if I notice a difference however I made the mistake not taking note of the ORIGINAL settings before changing them. Can someone post the default numbers again so I can revert back and see if it has helped.


  5. I just purchased a Dell i5559 Signature Edition from the Microsoft Store, and I have the exact same problem as described above. I believe these newer computers have the same touchpad, and with it come the lousy drivers responsible for the input lag. It’s disappointing because other than the input lag this touchpad is buttery smooth.

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