How to Overcome Frustrating PDF Stress

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Have you ever experienced hardship and frustration while trying to edit a PDF file that somebody sent you? If you’re like the most of us, chances are that you most likely did, and probably even more than once.

Why are PDFs so difficult to edit, and why do they appear so often on our computers? The answer to these questions is actually a pretty interesting story.

The PDF, short for Portable Document Format is the creation of Adobe, a company most famous for its Photoshop software. It was first introduced in the early 90’s, and its primary function was, and still is to capture all the elements of a document as an electronic image that the user can view, print, navigate through and forward to someone else. For this very reason many programs including the entire MS Office suite have an option to save documents in PDF form.

This file format is also special because it can be viewed on all operating systems like Macintosh, Windows and Linux, and on all devices (computers, tablets, phones), exactly the same, and this is why it is so heavily used all across the world.

The biggest problem is that PDFs are read-only files, which basically means that once you have created a PDF out of a Word file for instance, the person who received it on their computer cannot make any changes to it without using specially designed software that can convert the PDF back to Word. Most software solutions are somewhat expensive, and for the people who don’t encounter these issues regularly, free online tools offer a far better solution.

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Today we are going to introduce a great free online converter, and we will be focusing on its PDF to Word function for the sake of demonstration, but it is important to note that it also has PDF to PowerPoint and PDF to Excel options.

pdf converter

PDF Converter’s Free PDF to Word Conversion is a quite simple and user-friendly online tool with which you can transform you PDF back to its native state in a minute, and everything is done in a couple of steps.

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First you need to select the document from your hard drive that you want to convert.

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Entering your e-mail address is the next phase, and the safety of your personal information is heavily guarded and guaranteed by PDF Converter.


The third and final step of the process is commencing the conversion, and that is achieved by clicking on the “Start” button. The usual duration for this action is usually around one minute, but it can differ depending on the size of the file and number of users that are using the tool at that given time.

As we mentioned previously, the conversions for different kinds of file formats can be found on the bottom of the page, under the “Convert File & Send E-mail” section.

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This is all we have prepared for you regarding this subject, and if you see yourself in this article, head over to PDF Converter’s site and try this magnificent cool tool.

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