How to Download Netflix Movies on MacBook – The Ultimate Guide

download netflix movies on macbook

MacBook users often find themselves at a crossroads when attempting to download Netflix movies for offline viewing. Unlike other platforms, macOS lacks a native Netflix application, presenting a unique challenge for those wishing to enjoy their favorite shows and movies without an internet connection. This article delves into the heart of this issue, exploring alternative methods, including the use of a virtual machine (VM) and other workarounds, to bridge the gap between desire and capability.

Downloading Netflix Movies to a Mac Challenge

The Netflix macOS Dilemma

The core of the issue lies in Netflix’s decision not to offer a dedicated app for macOS, making it impossible to directly download Netflix content on MacBook devices. This stands in stark contrast to the convenience offered on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, where the app not only exists but also provides a seamless offline viewing experience. The absence of a macOS app is not for lack of demand but rather a strategic or technical decision by Netflix, leaving MacBook users searching for alternative solutions.

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Streaming vs. Downloading

The distinction between streaming and downloading content is crucial, especially in contexts where internet access is limited or non-existent. Streaming requires a stable and continuous internet connection, consuming data each time content is played. Downloading, on the other hand, allows users to save content directly to their device, enabling playback anytime, anywhere, without the need for internet access. This feature is particularly valuable for travelers, commuters, and those with unreliable internet connections, underscoring the importance of finding ways to download Netflix movies on MacBook despite the inherent challenges.

Official Workarounds

Using iOS Devices for Netflix Downloads

One of the most straightforward methods to access Netflix content offline is through the use of iOS devices. The Netflix app for iPhone and iPad allows users to download a wide range of movies and shows directly to their device, offering a practical solution for offline viewing. Here’s how to leverage this feature:

  1. Download the Netflix App: Ensure you have the latest version of the Netflix app installed on your iOS device.
  2. Select the Download Option: Browse the Netflix library and look for the download icon next to the movie or show you wish to save offline.
  3. Watch on Your iOS Device: Once the download is complete, you can watch your downloaded content anytime, without an internet connection.

Limitations for MacBook Users: While this method provides a workaround, it’s not without its limitations for MacBook users. The primary drawback is the inability to transfer or watch these downloads directly on a MacBook. This means users are confined to the smaller screens of their iPhones or iPads, which may not be ideal for all types of content or for those seeking a more immersive viewing experience.

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Streaming Netflix on MacBook via Safari

For MacBook users, streaming Netflix content via Safari offers the highest quality viewing experience available on macOS. Safari supports both 4K and HDR playback, thanks to Apple’s implementation of HDCP 2.2 support. This ensures a crisp, clear picture that rivals that of many dedicated streaming devices. However, this superior streaming capability comes with a significant caveat:

  • No Offline Viewing Support: Despite its advanced streaming capabilities, Safari does not support the offline playback of Netflix content. This means that MacBook users can enjoy high-quality streaming when connected to the internet but are left without options for downloading content to watch offline. This gap in functionality highlights the need for alternative solutions for those who require or prefer access to their entertainment without relying on a constant internet connection.

In summary, while there are official methods to access Netflix content on Apple devices, they come with limitations that affect the overall convenience and flexibility, especially for MacBook users. The absence of a direct download option on macOS necessitates the exploration of unofficial solutions and workarounds to fulfill the demand for offline Netflix viewing on MacBook.

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Unofficial Solutions

How to Use a Virtual Machine to Download Netflix Movies

The absence of a native Netflix app for macOS has led users to explore unofficial solutions, one of which involves using a virtual machine (VM) to run Windows on a MacBook. This approach allows access to the Windows Netflix app and its download feature. Here’s how to navigate this workaround:

Setting Up a VM on Your MacBook
  1. Choose Your Virtualization Software: Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion are popular choices for running Windows on macOS, with Parallels being particularly user-friendly for Apple’s M1 and Intel chips.
  2. Install Windows on Your VM: After selecting your virtualization software, install Windows by following the software’s instructions. This typically involves downloading a Windows ISO file and setting up a new virtual machine.
  3. Allocate Resources: For optimal performance, allocate sufficient RAM and CPU cores to your VM. The exact amount will depend on your MacBook’s specifications and the other applications you intend to run simultaneously.
Downloading Netflix on Windows VM
  1. Access the Microsoft Store: Once Windows is up and running on your VM, navigate to the Microsoft Store app.
  2. Install the Netflix App: Search for Netflix in the Microsoft Store, download, and install the app.
  3. Log In and Download: Open the Netflix app, log in with your credentials, and browse for movies and shows. Look for the download icon next to the title and click it to start downloading content for offline viewing.

Pros and Cons of Using a VM for Netflix Downloads


  • Access to Offline Downloads: This method circumvents the limitations of macOS by providing access to the Netflix app’s offline download feature.
  • High-Quality Playback: Depending on your VM’s configuration and your MacBook’s hardware, you can enjoy high-quality playback similar to that on native Windows devices.
  • Versatility: Running Windows on a VM offers more than just access to Netflix downloads; it opens up a range of Windows-only applications and games.
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  • Resource Intensive: Running a VM can be demanding on your MacBook’s hardware, potentially affecting its performance and battery life.
  • Complex Setup: For users unfamiliar with virtualization, setting up a VM can be daunting and time-consuming.
  • Potential for Technical Issues: Virtual machines can encounter compatibility issues, software bugs, or performance limitations, which may affect the Netflix viewing experience.

In conclusion, while using a virtual machine to download Netflix movies on a MacBook offers a viable workaround to the platform’s limitations, it’s not without its drawbacks. The process requires a certain level of technical know-how and can be resource-intensive. However, for those who prioritize the ability to download and watch Netflix content offline on their MacBook, the benefits may outweigh the cons. This solution exemplifies the lengths to which users can go to overcome the challenges posed by the lack of direct support from Netflix for macOS.

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Alternative Methods

AirPlay Limitations with Netflix

AirPlay, Apple’s proprietary protocol for wireless streaming between devices, seems like a potential solution for watching Netflix content on a MacBook. However, it comes with significant limitations, especially for offline viewing. Netflix’s content protection policies restrict the ability to AirPlay downloaded shows and movies from an iPhone or iPad to a MacBook. This means that while you can stream Netflix content from your iOS device to a MacBook when connected to the internet, you cannot do so with content you’ve downloaded for offline viewing. This restriction is in place to prevent unauthorized sharing and copying of copyrighted material.

Using Screen Recording as a Last Resort

Some users might consider screen recording Netflix content on their MacBook as a workaround for offline viewing. While screen recording software can capture almost anything displayed on your screen, this method raises several important issues:

  • Legality: Capturing copyrighted content without permission is against Netflix’s terms of service and can be considered copyright infringement, a legal violation in many jurisdictions.
  • Ethical Considerations: Beyond legality, there’s an ethical question about respecting the rights and efforts of content creators and distributors.
  • Quality Concerns: Screen recordings often result in lower video quality compared to direct downloads. Additionally, they can inadvertently capture on-screen notifications or other disruptions, detracting from the viewing experience.


Can I download Netflix movies on MacBook directly?

No, Netflix does not currently offer a native macOS app that would allow direct downloads of movies and shows for offline viewing on a MacBook.

Why doesn’t Netflix offer an app for macOS?

Netflix has not publicly specified the reasons, but it may involve development priorities, licensing issues, or technical challenges related to macOS.

Is it legal to use a VM to download Netflix shows on a MacBook?

Using a VM to access the Netflix app and download content for personal use falls within a gray area but generally does not violate any laws. However, distributing or sharing the downloaded content is against Netflix’s terms of service.

Can I use AirPlay to watch Netflix offline on my MacBook?

No, Netflix’s content protection policies prevent offline content downloaded on an iPhone or iPad from being AirPlayed to a MacBook.

Are there any quality differences when watching Netflix through a VM?

The streaming quality through a VM can be comparable to watching directly on a Windows PC, depending on the VM’s configuration and your MacBook’s hardware. However, performance issues or resource limitations might affect playback quality.

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