How to cleanup your hard drive to increase space in Windows

This article will introduce you to the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows to reclaim hard drive space. As you know, a Windows installation can quickly use up a good chunk of your hard drive. Whenever you install new applications, fragments are left behind occupying valuable disk space. In addition, cached web pages from Internet Explorer can also take up room. Luckily, Windows comes equipped with the Disk Cleanup utility to track down these files….

Using Disk Cleanup to Recover Hard Disk Drive Space

1. Open My Computer

2. Locate the hard drive you would like to cleanup. Most likely this will be C:

3. Right-click on the hard drive icon and click on Properties

4. Click on the Disk Cleanup button (You may have to wait for a couple minutes while Windows analyzes your system)

5. You will be presented with a list of Files to delete. Check all checkboxes except the ‘Compress old Files’ option

6. Click on OK

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