5 Tips to Help You Without a Windows 8 Start Button

Windows 8 Tiles

When you first start checking out your new Windows 8 machine you will quickly realize that the desktop is virtually identical to Windows 7, but without one little small detail…no Start Menu button! Although you may think that you now have no clue how to use your computer, it is actually pretty easy to learn how to use Windows 8 without needing a Start Menu button.

Hot Corners

To start off the new Start Screen is going to be your new Start Menu. You can access everything (and more) from the Start Screen that you could from the Start Menu. To access the start screen all the user must do is utilize the “hot corners”.  Float your mouse over the bottom-left corner of your desktop and you will see the Start Screen pop-up.  Click it and you will be given access to the start screen. Another way is just click the Windows key on your keyboard and will take you directly to the Start Screen.

Power User Menu

Included in with Windows 8 is the Power User Menu, which will give you access to simple tasks such as the device manager, control panel, windows explorer and other administrative features you may want to perform. To access the Power User Menu simply right-click the “hot corner” mentioned above and the menu will pop-up.

Search for Applications

One of the newest features of Windows 8 to get use to is being able to search applications. In order to search applications on your Windows 8 device press the Windows key at the Start Screen. Unlike Windows 7 where you could press the Windows key at the desktop. This may take some getting use to but the best way to remember is double tap the Windows key for search and single tab for the Smart Screen.

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View All Applications

On the Start Screen you may not be viewing all of the different applications downloaded on your computer. In order to view all of the different applications just right-click on the start screen and a menu will pop-up on the bottom of the screen with a button that says “all apps”. Click that button you will be taken to a new menu that lists all the apps in different categories to easily find the applications you are searching for.

Pin to Start Button

If there is a specific application that is not on your Start Screen just right-click the application for the “all apps” menu and click “pin to start” button. It will then pin the applications “metro-style” to the end of the Start Screen for easy access. You can then drag and drop the tiles in whatever order you prefer at the Start Screen after pinning the new applications to it.

Hopefully this tutorial assisted you in understanding some of the basics of Windows 8 and learn how to get use to it.

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