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Windows 8 Tiles

With Widows switching over to application base from program based there has been a plethora of solid applications that have been released since Windows 8 has been launched. We are beginning to see more applications that rival with Mac OS X applications and look forward to see what the future holds for Windows 8 and applications on the platform. Although it took quite sometime for developers and large software based companies to begin to convert over to Windows 8 and begin creating applications for the new platform, we are finally seeing some great improvements. Check out these top Windows 8 Applications you must take into consideration next time you visit that Windows app store.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Sometimes we just don’t want to open up Photoshop CC and just want to do some light editing on a photo on your Windows 8 PC. Adobe Photoshop Express is a great option to do some touching up on a photo and apply some Instagram-like filters. There are a few more advanced options that it offers but of course if you want to do apply some more serious editing you will have to head to its big brother.


If you are a fan of the magazine and website Allrecipes, then you will go absolutely crazy for their application. With a clean UI and easy to understand recipe layouts, you can literally spend ours finding new recipes and saving them to your “Must Make” List.

Camera Studio+

Enjoy snapping pictures with your webcam but not sure of a great Windows 8 application to quickly edit those pictures? You must check out Camera Studio+ with all of its great features. Some of the features include cropping, resizing, red-eye correction in addition to several filters and overlays.

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Craigslist Classifieds

If you agree that Craigslist is a bit bland and wish it would have a hint of style and better interface then you got to check out this great Windows 8 alternative to the website. It gives the ability that the website offers but even more with added “favorite” feature, search by agent and other dynamic features that will make you say good bye to the website and start using this application for all your classified needs.

The Weather Channel

One of the first thing that many people have came accustomed to doing is checking the weather the instant they turn on their computer. Doing this with a clean application makes it an even better experience. The Weather Channel has created a beautiful application that has he same look and feel to the metro theme that Windows 8 has in addition to some great functionality readily available on the home screen of the app.

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