PDF to Excel App ­ – A New Way of Handling Tricky Documents


At this time of the digital, business professionals rely more and more on their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Very convenient gadgets – always at hand with many useful apps that allow you to get your job done on the go, without being trapped in one place in front of a computer. Naturally, it would be nice to move as much work as possible to these helpful devices, wouldn’t it?

Most definitely yes! However, is it really possible to transfer all your work? What about managing all sorts of documents, especially different PDFs, since much of the important and confidential data is preserved in that file format due to its inalterable nature. Extracting and modifying information in PDF, particularly tables, can be difficult even on a computer, let alone iPhones or iPads.

As always, there’s a solution to every problem. As previously said in the introductory paragraph, there are many useful apps that can make professional life easier. One such app is certainly PDF to Excel.

This free app extracts effectively PDF tables into editable MS Excel spreadsheets on your iPhone or iPad. So in this way you can easily draw out the necessary charts as a separate new document or reuse old information. It will spare you precious hours of your time and make document management a breeze. Besides, there are some other features that will make you like this app even more:

  • Great conversion quality
  • It converts scanned documents as well, thanks to excellent OCR technology
  • There are no limitations: convert as many files as you wish, no file size limitations
  • It converts Gmail attachments without the need to leave the app
  • It converts documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive directly from the app
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Given that PDF to Excel has a clean design, it very simple to use. Just follow these instructions and you’ll get your document converted:

  1. After downloading PDF to Excel, select a file from your storage you’d like to convert.
  2. Then tap on the Share button and once you find PDF to Excel in the OPEN IN menu, click on it. The converted file will be placed in the same folder where the original file is. Also, the conversion time depends on the size file, your Internet connection and how busy the servers are.
  3. One more last thing, in order to open your converted file, you’ll need an app that opens MS Office documents.


And that’s all. Piece of cake! Isn’t this app a nice way to handle your tricky documents whenever you need to, and it’s always by your side?

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