Microsoft Windows 7 – Free Download

Earlier this week, Microsoft posted the Windows 7 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) build 7100 for FREE download from their website.  Users are invited to download and try their latest operating system for free until it expires June 1, 2010. Windows 7 is the successor to Windows Vista and is expected to be officially released later this year.

What is Windows 7?

Windows 7 is the next version of the Windows client operating system. This version incorporates hundreds of improvements based on your feedback. It works the way you want: it’s responsive, reliable, and runs smoothly. It starts and shuts down faster, and is designed to make your battery last longer. Plus, it’s really easy to connect to things you care about—from people to printers. You’ll also be able to do everyday things faster, from getting around the desktop and managing open windows, to finding files and programs, and using the web. We hope you love it, because it’s got your fingerprints all over it. Source

>Windows 7 Free Download

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