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If you are someone that budgets and enjoys seeing where their money is being spent, then and their application is for you. It is a great organizational app that allows you to stay on top of your budget with everyday spending in addition to being able to view multiple accounts and investments on one dashboard. If you have the need to dive deeper into specific accounts you can do that as well with allows you to create different categories such as home purchases, food, fees, gas, etc. and allocated a budgeted amount towards that category. If you go over that budget the application warns you that you are spending too much in that section and can help you adjust other areas of your budget to even it out. also shows you where your top spending categories are and provides you some helpful tips on how to cut spending in that specific category and where your money could be better spent such as through investing it or saving.

One of the most popular features of the application is how it makes sure you never miss a payment or bill again. Through the application it will send you periodical reminders and alerts reminding you that you have a bill coming up very soon. You can even set up automatic payment, which can really help with making sure your bills are paid on time.

One of the biggest concerns that many have though with is the security and safety of your financial information through a third party. It truly is nothing to worry about because can only read your information and display it to you. They can never move or modify your money; you can’t even touch it through the application. In addition to that there is pass-code protection every time you open the application up on your device. So if you ever loose your phone, it would be nearly impossible to get into the app.

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If you have been searching on a great way to budget your money and view your account balances easily from your phone and all in one dashboard; then and their application is one of the best choices for you. Finally have a feeling of ease that your finances are being taken care of and know exactly how much money you can spend on dinner tonight.

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