A Great Tool to Overcome PDF Excel Issues

In these modern times, so much of our work is done online using computers, tablets and smartphones, that the usage of paper is almost obsolete in some disciplines, which is a wonderful thing for the planet, of course. The digitization is also beneficial for other reasons; for example, it allows us to get a lot more work done in less time than ever before. On the other hand, while the millennials have no problem with this extreme use of technology in every aspect, the older generations sometimes feel overwhelmed and confused by all the tech innovations.

For example, one thing that often puzzles people are PDF files, frequently used both by business professionals, and by educators and students alike. The PDF (Portable Document File) was specifically designed for sharing of documents electronically, and its main feature is that it can be viewed on every operating platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) in its original formatting, which is often problematic with file formats like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and so many others. With most of these formats there is a chance that the file won’t be read properly if it was sent from a Mac computer to one that uses Windows, for instance. But on the other hand, the PDFs also have a downside – they are read-only files, which means they cannot be edited without specialized software tools.

One of the most frequently shared file formats in the business and academic world is Microsoft’s Excel. Its spreadsheets are ideal for so many different tasks, and used by accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, students, professors and so many more. So the problem begins when a colleague or anyone else sends you a spreadsheet locked in a PDF file, and you need to make some changes to it as soon as possible. What can be done?

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A great and free way to overcome this obstacle is using PDF to Excel online converter tool. The main characteristic that differentiates it from other online tools is that absolutely no user information is required, not even an email address. Other features include no limits to the size of the file, so no matter how large your file is, it can be easily converted. It also has an option to upload files to it directly from cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. Another important aspect is that all user info is saved only for six hours on the tool’s servers, after which it is deleted, and it is never under any circumstances used by the company.


Let’s quickly cover how the tool is used.

  1. Select the file that you wish to convert (you can upload it from your computer or from one of the cloud services, as said previously).

Besides converting the classical native PDF files, the tool can work with scanned ones as well using advanced OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition).

  1. After selecting the file, the conversion will start automatically (no need to click anything), and after it is finished the “Free Download” button will appear.

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