LG G3 One-Handed Operation Mode

The new LG G3 flagship android smart phone has brought many new features to the smart phone market. Not only does this android phone have amazing specs but with it brought a lot of new features that are new to the Android experience. One of the most noticeable specs of the phone is the large 5.5 inch quad HD display. With having such a beautiful and large display it can be difficult at times using the phone with one hand. Well the team at LG made sure to address this issue by offering a one-handed operation feature.

LG G3 One-handed Operation

First you will want to go to the Settings menu and within it you will find the “one-handed operation” option around halfway down the settings header. Once you find it simply open the setting up and you will then be viewing several different options that include a checkmark option. There are three different options with the phone in utilizing the one-handed operation; this includes using the dial-pad, unlocking your phone on the lock screen and typing text. This is where you will want to make sure you check each box where you would like to use the one-handed operation.

Now you are probably wondering what does the one-handed operation options do for your phone. In essence is will either left or right align your lock screen, keyboard or dialing pad based one which side you choose. If you open the keyboard you will see there are arrows either pointing left or right to choose which side you would like to use the keyboard.

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Although the pin pad, dial pad and keyboard is shrunk down to one side of the phone, you will still find it a bit difficult to use the on-handed operation feature merely because of the size of the phone. You are in luck if you have big hands of long fingers, this is for sure. You will notice the key sizes are now relatively similar to the same size of an iPhone, so it maybe a bit more comfortable while using it if that is the size you prefer.

LG has really brought an amazing flagship phone with some great features like the one-handed operations feature. Not only can you adjust the keyboard you can also still enjoy a large phone with one hand. This is very rare in the “phablet” market and most likely will be followed by other smart phone makers down the road.

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